Skipper 42 - Yaloou

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Skipper 42


Skipper 42

Skipper 42 is the ultimate day boat coming true. Custom design and manufactured according to high standards combining simplicity with luxury. Skipper’s 42 interior spaces will provide with the A- list accommodation.

While an outstanding cabin will allow you to enjoy and night surrounded by the Mykonean seas, during the day it can accommodate up to 10 guests on board, greeted and tended for, by our team, ready to deliver a unique traveling experience. Its sleek modern design doesn’t compare to what might imagine a speedboat to look like and most importantly does not tell all the extra equipment added to make your journeys as safe, comfortable and luxurious as possible.




Ship Details

  • Length in meters: 12
  • Length in feet: 42
  • Engines: 2 Fuel: Diesel
  • Speed cruising: 35
  • Speed top: 55
  • Daytrip Passengers | Crew: 10 / 2
  • Night Passengers | Crew: 0